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Adam Millsap on Ozarks Tonight

Adam Millsap discusses state finances and weathering the pandemic with Brian Calfano.


Adam Millsap on Spectrum News 1

Adam Millsap discusses preparing for the next pandemic with Brian Calfano.


Adam Millsap on Pundits on the Porch podcast

Adam Millsap discusses occupational licensing with JMI president Dr. Robert McClure.

Adam Millsap on Macro Musings Podcast

Adam Millsap discusses regional business cycles, state fiscal health, and labor mobility with host David Beckworth.

Adam Millsap on the Phil Valentine Radio Show (Tennessee)

Adam Millsap discusses the Jared Kushner's appointment to the White House Office of American Innovation with host Phil Valentine.

Adam Millsap on WSVA Radio (Virginia)

Adam Millsap talks to host Mike Schikman about whether President-elect Trump's policies will help Appalachia.

Adam Millsap on BBC News Channel

Adam Millsap appeared on BBC News Channel to discuss the results of the 2016 election.

Links to additional media appearances can be found here.

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